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· Carserud, L., 1982: Environmental geology of mining – an example from a shale processing industry.


· Nordenskiöld, A.E., 1883: Om den geologiska betydelsen af kosmiska ämnens nedfallande till jordytan, särskildt med afseende på den Kant-Laplace'ska teorien [On the geologic significance of the falling of cosmic substances to the Earth surface, with special regards to the Kant-Laplace theory].

Nathorst, A.G., 1902: Polarforskningen [The polar research].

· Störmer, L., 1934: A new eurypterid from the Saaremaa- (Oesel-) beds in Estonia.

· Männil, R. (Мянниль, Р.М.), 1963: Вопросы сопоставления ордовикских отложений Эстонии и Ленинградской области / Eesti ja Leningradi oblasti ordoviitsiumi kihtide korrelatsiooni küsimusi / On the correlation of the Ordovician strata of Estonia and Leningrad region.


· Linnarsson, G., 1881: Graptolitskiffrar med Monograptus turriculatus vid Klubbudden nära Motala [Graptolite shales with Monograptus turriculatus at Klubbudden near Motala].

Zenzén, N., 1930: Om den såsom svenskt krigsbyte i Prag år 1648 tagna s. k. »stora rubinen» [On the as Swedish prize of war in Prague year 1648 taken so-called »large ruby»].

· Mu et al., 1973Stratigraphy of the Mount Jolmo Lungma region in southern Tibet, China.


· Agterberg, F.P., 1958: An undulation of the rate of sedimentation in southern Gotland.

· AlDahan, A.A., 1985: Mineral diagenesis and petrology of the Dala Sandstone, central Sweden.

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