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Lethaia and Fossils and Strata go Open Access!


In keeping up with the times, the Lethaia Foundation has teamed up with Scandinavian University Press (Universitetsforlaget) to move our publication series into the fully Open Access realm. From 1 January 2022 and onward the journal series Lethaia and monograph series Fossils and Strata will thus be freely available to one and all online.

For authors, this means that publishing will entail an article processing charge (APC). However, as a non-profit organisation, the Lethaia Foundation guarantees that APCs will be kept at an absolute minimum – and for the first three years we have set aside funds to offer fees well below the actual publication costs!


We earnestly hope that authors and readers will continue to follow and support our publication series in this venture. Please help spread this information through appropriate and relevant channels.


P.S. Authors with already submitted manuscripts: The Lethaia Foundation will cover APCs, provided that your works are accepted for publication.

Newly added

2022-01-07 (Happy New Year!)

· Dumont, A.H., 1841: Mémoire les terrains triasique et jurassique de la province de Luxembourg [Memoir on the Triassic and Jurassic terrains of the province of Luxembourg].

· Törnquist, S.L., 1874: Om Siljanstraktens paleozoiska formationsled. Berättelse afgifven till Kongl. Vetenskaps-Akademien [On the Paleozoic formations of the Siljan region. Account submitted to the Royal Academy of Sciences].

· Holm, G., 1880: Anteckningar om Wahlenbergs Illænus crassicauda [Notes on Wahlenberg’s Illænus crassicauda].

· Hamberg, A., 1894: En resa till norra Ishafvet sommaren 1892, företagen med understöd af Vegastipendiet [A trip to the Arctic Ocean in the summer of 1892, undertaken with support of the Vega Scholarship].

· Bassler, R.S., 1910: Adequacy of the paleontologic record.

· Raymond, P.E., 1911: Notes on parallelism among the Asaphidæ.

· Curtz, O., 1921Tekniska meddelanden m. m. från Höganäs Stenkolsgruva [Technical messages etc. from Höganäs Coal Mine].

· Statens järnvägars geotekniska kommission, 1922: Statens järnvägars geotekniska kommission 1914–1922: Slutbetänkande avgivet till Kungl. Järnvägsstyrelsen den 31 maj 1922 [Geotechnical Commission of the Swedish Railways 1914–1922: Final report submitted to the Royal Swedish Rail Agency on 31 May 1922].

· Kraus, E., 1926: Über die Probleme lettländischer Geologie [On the problems in Latvian geology].

· Bouček, B., 1932: Zbytky graptolitů jako ukazatelé fosilních vodních proudů [Graptolite remains as indicators of fossil water currents].

· De Geer, G., 1938: Principles of geochronology.

· Edwards, A.B., 1941: On a remnant of a stripped peneplain of Palaeozoic age at Mount Sedgwick in western Tasmania. 

· Männil, R.M. (Мянниль, Р.М.), 1958:Трилобиты семейств Cheiruridae и Encrinuridae из Эстонии / Cheiruridae ja Encrinuridae sugukonna trilobiite Eestist / Trilobites of the families Cheiruridae and Encrinuridae from Estonia.

· Flower, R.H., 1970: Early Paleozoic of New Mexico and the El Paso region.

· Löfgren, A., 1999: The Ordovician conodont Semiacontiodus cornuformis (Sergeeva, 1963) and related species in Baltoscandia.


· Volume 24 of the Bulletin of the Geological Institution of the University of Upsala is complete!


· Cuvier, B. (transl. Stjernstolpe, J.M.), 1821: Ideer om orsakerna till jordytans närvarande form och om de revolutioner den undergått [Ideas about the causes of the present shape of the Earth’s surface and about the revolutions it has undergone].

· Hisinger, W., 1834: Upplysningar rörande geognostiska kartan öfver medlersta och södra delarne af Sverige [Information concerning the geognostic map of the central and southern parts of Sweden].

· Erdmann, A., 1867: Betänkande rörande Wallåkra, Bosarps och Wrams kolfält i Skåne [Report on Wallåkra, Bosarps and Wrams coal fields in Skåne].

· De Rance, C., 1895: On glacial theories, past & present, and their application to Staffordshire.


· Volume 38 of the Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of the University of Uppsala is complete!