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· Volume 33 of the Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of the University of Uppsala is complete.


· New section added in PaleoArchive Originals!: Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of the University of Uppsala. The aim is that, in time, all volumes and papers of this publication series will be available on the site.


· Brongniart, M.A., 1828: Notice sur des blocs de roches des terrains de transport en Suède [Notice on boulders in the transport grounds in Sweden].

· Troedsson, G.T., 1921: Bidrag till kännedomen om Västergötlands yngsta ordovicium jämte ett försök till parallellisering av de ordovicisk–gotlandiska gränslagren i Sverige och N. Amerika [Contribution to the knowledge of Västergötland’s youngest Ordovician together with an attempt to parallelize the Ordovician–Gotlandian boundary beds in Sweden and N. America].

· Picard, L., 1938: Synopsis of stratigraphic terms in Palestinian geology.

· Martinsson, A., 1956: Neue Funde kambrischer Gänge und ordovizischer Geschiebe im südwestlichen Finnland [New finds of Cambrian dikes and Ordovician boulders in southwestern Finland].


· Lapworth, C., 1879: On the tripartite classification of the lower Palæozoic rocks.

· Törnqvist, S.H., 1892: Undersökningar öfver Siljansomsrådets graptoliter [Investigations on the Siljan area’s graptolites].

· Fürst, C.M., 1932: Ett bidrag till de förhistoriska grekernas antropologi [A contribution to the anthropology of prehistoric Greeks].

· Modzalevskaya, T. & Märss, T. (Модзалевская, Т. & Мярсс, Т.), 1991: О возрасте подошвы Гребенского горизонта Урала / Grebeni lademe alumise piiri vanusest Uuralis / On the age of the lower boundary of the Greben regional stage of the Urals.

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