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PaleoArchive is listed as an electronic reference source in the Swedish libraries search service (LIBRIS) and by the Lund Universty Library (safir). The publications hosted on the website are regularly indexed by Google Scholar and other databases.


Technically, although the majority of the literature on this website is quite old, copyright has not always expired (laws also differ between countries). Given the scope and service intended by PaleoArchive, however, the provision of digital documents on the website is considered as fair use. In the case of literature originally published by public institutions, the documents are regarded as public domain and their provision on the website is justified as a reward to funding agencies (most notably tax payers). Please contact the webmaster about any concerns or issues regarding the documents hosted by PaleoArchive.


In order to maximize the collection on the website, PaleoArchive gladly accepts scanned geoscientific literature from around the world. Publications should be sent in pdf format to this email address, accompanied by a description of the file(s); publications in languages other than English are best accompanied by a translated title and appropriate bibliographic details. Due to security reasons, contributions will currently only be accepted from mail addresses associated with public and/or scientific institutions (but exceptions can be made after mail correspondence). Please check the files for malware and viruses prior to submission. Files are received and hosted on PaleoArchive under the assumption that they represent public domain. Links to specific publications are also appreciated. Contributors will be acknowledged on the website.



PaleoArchive is privately funded and maintained by Anders Lindskog, who is currently active as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA. The Department of Geology, Lund University (Lund, Sweden) serves as his home institution.


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