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· Bermúdez, P.J., 1961: Las formaciones geológicas de Cuba [The geologic formations of Cuba].



· de Koninck, L., 1841: Mémoire sur les crustacés fossiles de Belgique [Memoir on the fossil crustaceans of Belgium].

· Trautschold, H., 1861: Ueber die Kreide-Ablagerungen im Gouvernement Moskau [On the Cretaceous deposits in the governorate of Moscow].



· Paškevičius, J. (Пашкевичюс, И.Ю.), 1979: Биостратиграфия и граптолиты силура Литвы / Lietuvos silūro biostratigrafija ir graptolitai / Biostratigraphy and graptolites of the Lithuanian Silurian.



· Bergh, S.V., 1943: Skifferkokseldade destillations- och ångkraftverk med biproduktsanläggningar [Shale coke heated distillation and steam power plants with byproduct facilities].

· Brotzen, F., 1959: On Tylocidaris species (Echinoidea) and the stratigraphy of the Danian of Sweden, with a bibliography of the Danian and the Paleocene.


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