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Mats E. Eriksson, 2019: Another Primordial Day – The Paleo Metal Diaries. PMET Publishing House, Malmö. 462 pp.

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· Moberg, J.C., 1896: Geologisk vägvisare inom Fogelsångstrakten, angifvande läget och geologiska åldern af dervarande observationspunkter för fasta berggrunden [Geological guide within the Fogelsång area, indicating the location and geologic age of local observation points for the firm bedrock].

· Wiman, C., 1899: Eine untersilurische Litoralfacies bei Locknesjön in Jemtland [A lower Silurian littoral facies at Lockne Lake in Jemtland].


· van Bemmelen, R.W., 1975: Kritik zur Plattentektonik [Criticism of plate tectonics].

· Bergström, J. & Levi-Setti, R., 1978: Phenotypic variation in the Middle Cambrian trilobite Paradoxides davidis Salter at Manuels, SE Newfoundland.

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· Linnarsson, J.G.O., 1869: Diagnoses specierum novarum e classe Crustaceorum in depositis Cambricis et Siluricis Vestrogotiæ Sueciæ repertarum [Diagnoses of new species of the class Crustacea found in Cambrian and Silurian deposits of Västergötland, Sweden]

Andersson, J.G., 1893: Ueber Blöcke aus dem jüngeren Untersilur auf der Insel Öland vorkommend [On blocks of the younger Silurian occurring on the island of Öland]

Harrington, H.J. & Leanza, A.F., 1952: La clasificación de los «Olenidae» y de los «Ceratopygidae» (Trilobita) [The classification of the «Olenidae» and the «Ceratopygidae»].


· Hadding, A. 1932: The pre-Quaternary sedimentary rocks of Sweden. IV. Glauconite and glauconitic rocks.

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