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· Holst, N.O., 1893: Bidrag till kännedomen om lagerföljden inom den kambriska sandstenen [Contribution to the knowledge on the stratigraphy of the Cambrian sandstone].

· Kaljo, D., Borovko, N., Heinsalu, H., Khazanovich, K., Mens, K., Popov, L., Sergeyeva, S., Sobolevskaya, R. & Viira, V., 1986: The Cambrian–Ordovician boundary in the Baltic-Ladoga Clint area (north Estonia and Leningrad region, USSR).



· Aaloe, A. & Kaljo, D. (Аалоэ, A.O. & Кальо, Д.Л.), 1962: Краткий оьзор разреза силурийских отложений в скважине Охесааре (О-В Сааремаа) / Lühike ülevaade siluri kihtide läbilõikest Ohesaare puuragus / A preliminary report on Silurian strata in Ohesaare boring.

· Bergström, J., 1968: Upper Ordovician brachiopods from Västergötland, Sweden.



· Bulman, O.M.B., 1937: Carl Wiman's work on the structure of the Graptoloidea.

· Bulman, O.M.B. & Rickards, R.B., 1966: A revision of Wiman's dendroid and tuboid graptolites.



· Böhm, J., 1911: Callianassa Burckhardti n. sp. nebst einer Zusammenstellung der fossilen Arten der Gattung Callianassa [Callianassa Burckhardti n. sp. with a compilation of the fossil species of the genus Callianassa].

· Winchell, N.H., 1914: The antiquity of man in America compared with Europe.

· Jeppsson, L., 1989: Latest Silurian conodonts from Klonk, Czechoslovakia.



· Huene, F.B., 1927: Short review of the present knowledge of the Sauropoda.

· Bruton, D.L., 1966: A revision of the Swedish Ordovician Odontopleuridae (Trilobita).


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