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· Von Post, H., 1866: Bidrag till jättegrytornas kännedom [Contribution to the knowledge on the giant’s kettles].

· Linnarsson, G., 1875: Öfversigt af Nerikes öfvergångsbildningar [Overview of Nerike’s transitional formations].

· Brood, K., 1978: Upper Ordovician bryozoa from Dalmanitina beds of Borenshult, Östergötland, Sweden.



· Nathorst, A.G., 1886: Om de sandslipade stenarnes förekomst i de kambriska lagren vid Lugnås [On the sand worn rocks’ occurrence in the Cambrian strata at Lugnås].

· Persson, P.O., 1963: A revision of the classification of the Plesiosauria with a synopsis of the stratigraphical and geographical distribution of the group.

· Bengtson, S., 1978: The Machaeridia – a square peg in a pentagonal hole.



· Barrande, J., 1871: Trilobites [Trilobites].

· Hennig, E., 1929: Zur Herkunft des Menschen [On the origin of humans].

· Bohlin, B., 1947: The wing in the Archaeornithes.

+ Addition to Curiosities (Brood 1978)



· Teichert, C. & Kummel, B., 1960: Size of endoceroid cephalopods.

· Rodhe, A., 1987: Depositional environments and lithostratigraphy of the middle Proterozoic Almesåkra Group, southern Sweden.

+ Additions to Curiosities (Stridsberg 1992 + individual chapters)



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