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· Matthew, G.F., 1893: Is the fauna called "Primordeal" the most ancient fauna?

· Ripper, E.A., 1932: The distribution of the zones of the Castlemaine and Darriwil series near Ingliston.


· Obut, A.M. (Обут, А.М.) (ed.), 1974: Граптолиты СССР / Graptolites of the USSR.


· Andersson, G., 1903: De pågående antarktiska expeditionerna [The ongoing Antarctic expeditions].

Ahlmann, H.W., 1918: Roald Amundsens nordpolsexpedition [Roald Amundsen’s north pole expedition].

· Kurck, C., 1931: Är Helix nemoralis Müll. relikt i Sverige? [Is Helix nemoralis Müll. relict in Sweden?].

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· Sjögren, A., 1871: Bidrag till Ölands geologi [Contributions to Öland’s geology].

· Antevs, E., 1927: Trädtillväxt och klimat i historisk tid [Tree growth and climate in historic time].

· Thorslund, P. & Jaanusson, V., 1960: The Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian in Västergötland, Närke, Dalarna, and Jämtland, central Sweden: Guide to excursions Nos A 23 and C 18.

· Nilsson, R., 1977: A boring through Middle and Upper Ordovician strata at Koängen in western Scania, southern Sweden.

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