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· Nilsson, E., 1934: En forskningsresa till Brittiska Ostafrika och Abessinien 1932–1933 [A research expedition to British East Africa and Abyssinia 1932–1933].

· Verbeek, J.W., 1976: Upper Cretaceous calcareous nannoplankton zonation in a composite section near El Kef, Tunisia.



· Heinz, R., 1933: Eine archäische Vereisung in Deutsch-Südwestafrika? Beitrag zum Problem der alten Vereisungen der Erdgeschichte [An archaic glaciation in German Southwest Africa? Contribution to the problem of the ancient glaciations in Earth history].

· Lashkov, E., Mägi, S., Paškevičius, J. & Pushkin, V. (Лашков, Е., Мяги, С., Пашкевичюс, И. & Пушкин, В.), 1983: Стратиграфия аренигских и лланвирнских отложений (латорпский-ласнамягиский) горизонты Восточной Литвы и Северо-Западной Белоруссии / Ida-Leedu ja Loode-Valgevene Arenigi ja Llanvirni (Latorpi–Lasnamäe lademed) stratigraafia / Stratigraphy of the Arenig and Llanvirn (Latorp–Lasnamägi stages) of East-Lithuania and north-west Byelorussia.



· Törnquist, S.L., 1884: Undersökningar öfver Siljansområdets trilobitfauna [Investigations on the Siljan area’s trilobite fauna].



· Temple, J. T., 1952: A revision of the trilobite Dalmanitina mucronata (Brongniart) and related species.

· Hadding, A., 1958: Hidden hiatuses and related phenomena: Some lithological problems.



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