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Mats E. Eriksson, 2019: Another Primordial Day – The Paleo Metal Diaries. PMET Publishing House, Malmö. 462 pp.

Check out the latest popular-scientific literary masterpiece/monster by friend and colleague Mats E. Eriksson!

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Newly added


· Walcott, C.D., 1894: Note on some appendages of the trilobites.

· Regnéll, G., 1945: Non-crinoid Pelmatozoa from the Paleozoic of Sweden.


· Andersson, G., 1901: Ett bidrag till kännedomen om hästens förekomst i Sverige under stenåldern [A contribution to the knowledge on the horse’s occurrence in Sweden during the Stone Age].

· Westergård, A.H., 1929: A deep boring through middle and lower Cambrian strata at Borgholm, Isle of Öland.

· Westergård, A.H., 1931: Diplocraterion, Monocraterion and Scolithus from the lower Cambrian of Sweden.


· Schrenk, A.G., 1852: Uebersicht des obern Silurischen Schichtensystems Liv- und Ehstlands, vornämlich ihrer Inselgruppe (erster Theil) [Overview of the upper Silurian system of Livonia and Estonia, especially of its archipelago (first part)].

· Crosby, W.O., 1883: Origins and relations of continents and ocean-basins.

· Hadding, A., 1958: Origin of the lithographic limestones.


· Hulth, J.M., 1910: Swedish arctic and antarctic explorations 1758–1910: Bibliography, part I.

· Männil, R. (Мянниль, Р.М.), 1957: Estoniops – новый род трилобитов из семейства Phacopidae / Estoniops – uus trilobiitide perekond sugukonnast Phacopidae / Estoniops – a new genus of Phacopidae (Trilobita).

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