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· Palmgren, L., 1872: Om svenska fosforitförande konglomerat [On Swedish phosphorite-bearing conglomerates].

· Holland, C.H., 1984: Steps to a standard Silurian.



· Linnarsson, J.G.O., 1871: Jemförelse mellan de Siluriska aflagringarna i Dalarne och i Vestergötland [Comparison between the Silurian deposits in Dalarne and Vestergötland].

· Wysogórski, J., 1900: Die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Brachiopodenfamilie der Orthiden im ostbaltischen Silur [The developmental history of the Orthid brachiopod family in the Silurian of the Eastern Baltic].



· Carpenter, F.M., 1954: The geological history and evolution of insects.

· Grahn, Y., 1980: Early Ordovician Chitinozoa from Öland.



· Grabau, A.W., 1934: Palæozoic formations in the light of the pulsation theory: I. The lower Cambrian pulsation.



· Ohlsson Gadde, F., 1865: Bidrag till kännedomen om tungans beväpning hos pulmonaterna [Contribution to the knowledge on the tongue’s armament in pulmonates].

· Wiman, C., 1925: Über Pterodactylus Westmani und andere Flugsaurier [On Pterodactylus Westmani and other flying reptiles].

· Dewey, H., 1926: Studies in Danish geology.

· Richarz, S., 1931: The age of the human race in the light of geology.

· Rõõmusoks, A. (Рыымусокс, A.), 1957: Стратиграфия кукрусеского горизонта (CII) Эстонской ССР / Kukruse lademe (CII) stratigraafia Eesti NSV-S [Stratigraphy of the Kukruse Stage (CII) in the Estonian SSR].

· Jaanusson, V., 1960: Graptoloids from the Ontikan and Viruan (Ordov.) limestones of Estonia and Sweden.

· Lindström, M. & Staude, H., 1971: Beitrag zur Stratigraphie der unterkambrischen Sandsteine des südlichsten Skandinaviens [Contribution to the stratigraphy of the lower Cambrian sandstones in southernmost Scandinavia].



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