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· Blomberg, A. & Holm, G., 1902: Geologisk beskrifning öfver Nerike och Karlskoga bergslag samt Fellingsbro härad [Geologic description of Nerike and Karlskoga mining district and Fellingbo district].

· Wright, F.E., 1938: The surface of the moon: Observations by the Committee on Study of the Surface Features of the Moon.



· Gilmore, C.W., 1927: Fossil footprints from the Grand Canyon: Second contribution.

· Ekström, G., 1937: Upper Didymograptus shale in Scania.



· Klähn, H., 1930: Parallellagerung von Graptolithen als Anzeichen für fossile Strömungen [Parallel deposition of graptolites as signs of fossil currents].

· Andersson, J.G., 1949: Olösta gåtor [Unsolved riddles].



· Törnqvist, S.L., 1871: Geologiska iakttagelser öfver den kambriska och siluriska lagföljden i Siljanstrakten: Berättelse afgifven till Kongl. Vetenskaps-Akademien [Geologic observations on the Cambrian and Silurian succession in the Siljan area: Account given to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences].

· Williams, M.Y., 1915: An eurypterid horizon in the Niagara Formation of Ontario.

· Öpik, A., 1935: Ostracoda from the lower Ordovician Megalaspis-limestone of Estonia and Russia.



· Olausson, E. (ed.), 1982: The Pleistocene/Holocene boundary in south-central Sweden.

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