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Mats E. Eriksson, 2019: Another Primordial Day – The Paleo Metal Diaries. PMET Publishing House, Malmö. 462 pp.

Check out the latest popular-scientific literary masterpiece/monster by friend and colleague Mats E. Eriksson!

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· Whittard, W.F., 1953: The enigma of the earliest fossils.

· Jaanusson, V., 1962: The lower and middle Viruan sequence in two borings in Östergötland, central Sweden.

· Cita et al., 1975: Micrometeorites in the « glacial » Pleistocene of the Mediterranean Ridge.

· Lindström, M. (Pietzner, H.), 1978: An octocoral from the Lower Ordovician of Sweden (& Geochemische Untersuchungen an einem apatitischen Problematicum aus dem Ordovicium von Schweden [Geochemical investigations of an apatitic problematicum from the Ordovician of Sweden]).


· Parker, J., 1872: Report of the lecture on the flint-implement bearing beds of S. Acheul.

· Öpik, A., 1929: Der estländische Obolenphosphorit [The Estonian Obolus phosphorite].

· Roy, S.K., 1935: The question of living bacteria in stony meteorites.

· Rutten, M.G., 1969: Sedimentary ores of the early and middle Precambrian and the history of atmospheric oxygen.

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· Walcott, C.D., 1894: Note on some appendages of the trilobites.

· Regnéll, G., 1945: Non-crinoid Pelmatozoa from the Paleozoic of Sweden.

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