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· Ami, H.M., 1900: Synopsis of the geology of Canada (being a summary of the principal terms employed in Canadian geological nomenclature).

· Sivhed, U., 1984: Litho- and biostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic–Middle Jurassic in Scania, southern Sweden.



· Johansson, S., Sundius, N. & Westergård, A.H. (& Sahlström, K.E), 1943: Beskrivning till kartbladet Lidköping [Description to the map sheet Lidköping].



· Andersson, J.G., 1895: Om öländska raukar [On sea stacks at Öland].

· Whittington, H.B. & Bohlin, B., 1958: New Lower Ordovician Odontopleuridae (Trilobita) from Öland.



· Palmgren, L., 1872: Om svenska fosforitförande konglomerat [On Swedish phosphorite-bearing conglomerates].

· Holland, C.H., 1984: Steps to a standard Silurian.



· Linnarsson, J.G.O., 1871: Jemförelse mellan de Siluriska aflagringarna i Dalarne och i Vestergötland [Comparison between the Silurian deposits in Dalarne and Vestergötland].

· Wysogórski, J., 1900: Die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Brachiopodenfamilie der Orthiden im ostbaltischen Silur [The developmental history of the Orthid brachiopod family in the Silurian of the Eastern Baltic].



· Carpenter, F.M., 1954: The geological history and evolution of insects.

· Grahn, Y., 1980: Early Ordovician Chitinozoa from Öland.



· Grabau, A.W., 1934: Palæozoic formations in the light of the pulsation theory: I. The lower Cambrian pulsation.



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