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· Ramsay, W. & Borgström, L.H., 1902: Der Meteorit von Bjurböle bei Borgå [The meteorite from Bjurböle near Borgå].

· Størmer, L., 1944: On the relationship and phylogeny of fossil and recent Arachnomorpha: A comparative study on Arachnida, Xiphosura, Eurypterida, Trilobita, and other fossil Arthropoda.



· Wiman, C., 1940: Über neue und einige alte Leichenwachsfunde [On new and some old corpse wax finds].

· Ziegler, B., 1977: The "White" (upper) Jurassic in southern Germany.

+ Addition to Curiosities (Shelton, E.M., 1894: Manures: Their management and use, with special reference to Queensland conditions)



· Nielsen, J.J. (& Heide, Fr.), 1916: Danmarks tilblivelse [Denmark’s genesis].

· Winsnes, T.S. (ed.), 1979: The geological development of Svalbard during the Precambrian, Lower Palaeozoic, and Devonian: Symposium on Svalbard's geology, Oslo, 2–5 June, 1975.

+ individual chapters

· Jeppsson, L., 1988: Conodont biostratigraphy of the Silurian–Devonian boundary stratotype at Klonk, Czechoslovakia.



· Newton, W.M., 1913: On Palæolithic figures of flint found in the old river alluvia of England and France and called Figure Stones, with some of the literature on the subject and an account of its progress.

· Lamont, A., 1939: Notes on distribution and migration of Brachiopoda in the British and Irish Lower Palaeozoic faunas.


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