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· Gnoli et al., 1979: Paleoecological remarks on the "Orthoceras limestone" of southwestern Sardinia (middle–upper Silurian).

· de Marino, A., 1980: The upper Lower Cambrian strata south of Simrishamn, Scania, Sweden: A transgressive–regressive shift through a limestone sequence.



· Schmidt, C., 1889: Zur Geologie der Schweizeralpen [On the geology of the Swiss Alps].

· Lambe, L.M., 1915: On Eoceratops canadensis, gen. nov., with remarks on other genera of Cretaceous horned dinosaurs.



· Brögger, W.C., 1886: Ueber die Ausbildung des Hypostomes bei einigen skandinavischen Asaphiden [On the formation of the hypostomes of some Scandinavian asaphids].

· Jaanusson, V., 1957: Unterordovizische Illaeniden aus Skandinavien [Lower Ordovician illaenids from Scandinavia].



· Blomberg, A. & Holm, G., 1902: Geologisk beskrifning öfver Nerike och Karlskoga bergslag samt Fellingsbro härad [Geologic description of Nerike and Karlskoga mining district and Fellingbo district].

· Wright, F.E., 1938: The surface of the moon: Observations by the Committee on Study of the Surface Features of the Moon.



· Gilmore, C.W., 1927: Fossil footprints from the Grand Canyon: Second contribution.

· Ekström, G., 1937: Upper Didymograptus shale in Scania.


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